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 History of BullRing Sports Grille

 The BullRing Sports Grille was purchased
 by it’s present owner in November, 1974.
 By 1976 it was decided that the BullRing
 needed to be enlarged. A major addition
 was constructed on the North side of the
 building, doubling the capacity of the
 restaurant. After the expansion of the
 building, it was decided in 1977 to add an
 additional kitchen with convenient pick-up
 window on the North side of the building
 and an office facility above it. In 2005 a
 key decision was made to give a new
 facelift to both the interior and exterior of
 the restaurant.

 Mid 2006, local neighbors were surveyed
 to get their opinions on the total
 restaurant operation. With their help, the
 BullRing was able to tweak some of the
 final detailing of the building and cuisine.

 We are known for our famous Wet Burrito,
 our Mexican food line also includes
 chimichangas, enchiladas and quesadillas
 to name a few. Our menu doesn’t stop
 there we serve a melting pot of different
 cuisine’s including sandwiches, steaks,
 seafood and pizzas up to 16”.

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